About the writer

29/01/2011 01:49

Alcione Sortica (December 17th, 1935) is a Brazilian writer; born in Cachoeira do Sul, grassland city located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. He studied at Roque Gonzales Marist High School, where in addition of his studies of Portuguese and Brazilian Literature, he also supplemented his knowledge with Latin and French. Later on, he moved to State Capital Porto Alegre, where at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul he has taken a bachelor degree in Accounting. The writer is also a former public servant as Federal Income Tax Accountant. After his retirement, he has been dedicating his free time to the arts, basically to literature, but also music and painting. Nowadays he is one of the mostly awarded writer from South Brazil, with tales, chronicles and poems, published in a large amount of collections in Brazil and Latin America. His single book CACOS DO TEMPO (PIECES OF TIME), presented in 2004, is now leading a new work called PENEIRANDO ESTRELAS (SIEVING STARS). His poem PRECE (PRAYER) is one of the author magnum opus.